Crystal Fortress

Cracks In the World

The Black Sun slowly rose higher in the Northern sky. Lady Talia and her brother Dirk watched it in silence. A chilling wind blew across the porch and a shiver ran down both their spines.

Far from the eyes of the Avatars, smoke swirled under the clear surface of crystal. Beneath the murky plane lay a silhouette un-moving. In the center of the crystalline surface a small speck appear. From that speck, cracks began to spread like lightning across the the sky.

Lady Talia and Dirk watched helplessly as black lightning shot across the clear morning sky leave red rifts in their wake. An eerie light poor from them, bathing everything in a hazy crimson. Talia looked at her brother. “We haven’t much time left.” She said in a quiet voice. All he could do was nod.



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