Crystal Fortress

A Quest

Gale's Journal, Entry 122

Gale.jpg My training was completed, I had become a Harbinger… my Father was sure to be proud! I only wish my Mother could have seen me. I’ve dreamed of her smiling face often, though I do not really remember her. She died giving birth to me.

The celebration was wonderful! I partook a bit of the wine, even though my Father always warned me it would cloud my thoughts. And it, of course, did. I can scarcely recall the events that occurred that night, although it must not have been anything too terrible. I think I met the Bard that night, because I do distinctly remember some wonderful singing.

I met my other companions the next day, when we all received our first assignment as Harbingers. They were people I had met before during our training, although now I’ll get the chance to know them a little better along our journey. We have been assigned to accompany the Lady Talia upon her journey and protect her from any dangers that present themselves along our path.

Imagine my surprise when I saw that the little fellow Hep would be along for the ride. He’s a healer, but he comes from an… unsavory background, to say the least. And then there was the long-lived and lithe Elf ranger I remembered from a few outdoor outings while training, I am thankful he’s going to be along. The lady Lark will chronicle our deeds — she has a fine singing voice, and a strange looking accordion she carries, so music will be our constant companion. And then there’s a lady monk, whose hands any who oppose us will discover to be as hard as knots of oak.

This should be rather interesting. I’ve made sure my sword is sharpened, and my shield sturdy in preparation. We’re off, in search of adventure!



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